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“Damian is, quite simply, the best Christmas party magician I have ever seen – and I’ve seen ‘em all.

His magic is at a different level to all those other ‘jobbing’ magicians that ply their trade on the circuit. Many of them are very good, but Damian is brilliant – and that’s the difference.”

Nigel Botterill – CEO N5 and author of the best selling business book of 2011

  • A Christmas Party with a difference
  • Entertainment which is easy to arrange and guaranteed to get the party off to a great start.
  • World class Magic that can work alongside a meal, or drinks, and will be remembered for years to come.
  • Here’s how to do it with the minimum amount of effort . . .

    Woman laughing with Christmas Party Magician - Damian Surr

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    Are you arranging a Christmas Party this year? Are you struggling to think of something unusual? Do you want something everyone will enjoy, that will get people talking and involve them in the fun?

    I can provide this for you! If your date is free in my diary, then you can rest assured that your guests will be entertained. Guaranteed! Let me help you.

    Sharing a joke with Christmas party magician

    “Damian, What can I say? You were brilliant, I have been inundated with people emailing and texting saying how much they enjoyed your show.”

    Cris Cadby, idn Network Infrastructure

    No matter how big or small your Christmas event may be, I have already performed at a gathering of a similar scale. Unsure of when it would be best to have the entertainment, or for how long, or in which area of the venue? Feel free to use my experience of over 10 years performing at Christmas parties to help advise you how best to entertain your guests.

    Arrangements couldn’t be easier !!!

    As a close-up magician I carry everything I need in my pockets and then perform literally in the hands and under the noses of your guests. If you wish I can tailor certain tricks to provide relevant magic give aways.

    Presents for your guests! You could also identify one lucky person to become part of the show and actually read the mind of their friends or colleagues (with only 10 minutes pre-show preparation)!

    Christmas party magician, Damian Surr performing magic for a crowd

    “A real crowd pleaser, Damian is great for adding that ‘WOW’ factor to any event, I would highly recommend Ginger Magic.”

    Ben, BenSmithDesign

    A couple laughing with Christmas party magician Damian Surr

    A flash of fire with the Christmas Party Magician

    In no time, almost before their coats are off, your guests will be exclaiming, laughing and sharing some truly magical moments. What more could you want at Christmas time?

    You’ll enjoy it and so will your guests. I guarantee it. In fact. . .

    Christmas Party Magician's 100 percent guarantee

    If you are not completely satisfied,


    Everyone was awestruck by the magic that you did – they kept saying stuff like “how did he do that – I watched his hands all the time and I still don’t know how he did it straight in front of our eyes!”

    “Awesome” was another comment.

    “Where did you find him?” was another!

    “Excellent entertainment and what a brilliant idea”

    Everyone was gob smacked by the stuff you were doing. Your entertainment certainly got the party off on the right foot.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Joyce P, Biddisham

    I offer several different affordable Christmas Party entertainment solutions, starting at £250. If one of my standard packages doesn’t fit just right for you, I can craft a solution personalised to your specific requirements.

    Finally, to make it even easier for you, once you go ahead and book the show I accept cheques, BACS bank transfer or PayPal.

    Christmas Party Magician Damian Surr performing in his Tuxedo

    Woman laughing at card trick performed by Christmas Party Magician Damian Surr

    Contact me today to find out how easy it is to create a unique Christmas party this year. Don’t risk disappointment, contact me now using Quick Quote, or simply give me a call on 07712 575701

    “Thank you for getting our Christmas party off to a great start on Wednesday evening. Everyone was amazed by your skills!!”

    Morna Luscombe, gsk (GlaxoSmithKline)

    This time of year gets very busy for everyone. Don’t delay – Call now! or get a Quick Quote – and together let’s make this years Christmas party one to remember!

    Christmas Party Magician, Damian Surr


    One final thing. As one of the busiest Christmas Party Magicians in the country, my calender fills. Once a slot is booked, I’m obviously no longer available. However, you would be surprised at some of the slots that get left behind. The sooner you can get in touch, the sooner you’ll know if I’m available or not. Contact me now.


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