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Customer comments …

“Thank you SO were amazing as ever & everyone was stunned! Brilliant night.”

Rosie Dymond, Technophobia

“The whole show went down a storm, and added a lovely magical twist to our end of year celebrations.”

Anna Thompson, CX Partners

“Brilliant the standard was superb.”

“It made the evening special”

“Bloody good”

“It would have been different if we had time to drink a lot but even sober and close up I couldn’t see how it was done”

“The tricks were amazing even when you thought you had worked it out he was at least one step ahead.”

Comments received from staff at Chalmers HB Christmas Party

“At our event last Friday, Damian worked the tables at a 400 seater ball and you could tell where he was in the room by the regular ‘whooooah’s that kept erupting over the loud chitter chatter noise. Everyone was stunned by his tricks – even the die-in-the-wool cynics, who were determined not to be impressed, enjoyed his ‘at table’ performances. My favourite was the disappearing wedding ring that re-appeared in a ball of flame on a gold chain. It was extraordinary.

If you want a magician that everyone will forget – book someone else. But if you want a magician that your guests will be talking about for weeks after then it has to be Damian Surr!”

Nigel Botterill, CEO N5 and author of the best selling business book of 2011

“Utterly brilliant. Shouldn’t be allowed. Book him! Don’t play cards with him though, you’ll lose.”

David Vinicombe, Bristol

“It was great to hear spontaneous laughter and appreciative applause from table after table as you worked around the room.”

Ergie Baker, Sheffield

“Absolutely breathtaking”

David Lesley, Essex

“Where do I begin?! This is very hard to write, as Damian’s magic is so mental that it is impossible to really explain how messed up my head was after seeing his tricks. He does stuff that is, quite simply, impossible.”

“… he produced magic tricks that I never thought I would see with my own eyes. He’ll do things that you think are only possible with TV cameras, just in front of your eyes. If you get to see Damian in action, do it. You will not regret it. I have seen him do magic for tiny groups to entire rooms, with always the same ridiculous reactions of total amazement.”

Gabriel Luc, London

“Everyone thought that you were incredible. We all kept talking about different effects, but no one had a clue how you did any of them”

Sarah McCartney, London

“You had everyone gripped and laughing with every trick.”

Jeni Friend, Bristol

“Superb! The evening was a great success and you really added a touch of class.”

Paul Howell, MD Character Shop

“Thanks again Damian. You always bring something special to our evenings.”

Dave Watson, HSBC

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